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1 June 2019 – 3/A/63 – San Francisco-PointReyes Station-Larkspur

  • 02 Jun 2019 5:12 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    01 June 2019

    3/A/63 – BART Fruitvale to Embarcadero BART, via Golden Gate Bridge to Fairfax and bypass Point Reyes Station, return with 1340 Larkspur Ferry to Ferry Plaza and BART Embarcadero to Fruitvale BART


    Even though we missed the 0709 BART train out of Fruitvale by one minute, we still had twenty minutes to spare at the end of our ride while waiting for the 1340 Larkspur ferry back into San Francisco.  It was no longer a reconnaissance either, after my last ride this past December revealed the entire route as safe and passable.



    Tom Bajerski decided to join me, even though he did not know the details of my proposed ride.  Since we had to wait at Fruitvale for the next train, we started from the San Francisco Embarcadero at 0753.  The weather was overcast to begin with, but progressively became sunnier after we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.  We circumvented the climb up Camino Alto by the use of a previously scouted and flatter route and reached the Fairfax police station at 0945. 

    Even so, by the time we reached the summit of Sir Francis Drake, Tom was lagging behind.  I am not much of a climber either, but he said he was in training for the Oregon ride.  So, I gave him a choice: continue and take the risk of missing the 1340 Larkspur ferry, thereby condemning us to return all the way to San Francisco, or for him to turn around with a cue sheet in hand.  My computer was estimating an arrival into Larkspur at 1345, however we cut out the 7-mile spur to Point Reyes Station, shortening the route to 63 miles and providing us the extra half hour we needed.  Yes, my computer has a function for “Time to Arrival”, based upon average speed.

    We hopscotched our way across the gorgeous landscape and woods, me soft pedaling or waiting at turns and hill crests, and Tom chugging up from behind.  We stopped occasionally, but very briefly, to forestall any tardiness to the ferry and safeguard against any inadvertent mechanical issue that might arise, such as a flat tire.  Alas, we had no such issues, and even though Tom walked up that last hill on Sir Francis Drake, his belated leg cramp did not delay us unduly.  My computer was now displaying an ETA of 1315 after we bypassed Point Reyes Station and so I was not too concerned about missing the ferry.

    Thankfully, we had time to spare and purchase our tickets from the ferry vending machine, before boarding the ferry for a fairly blustery ride across the Bay to Ferry Plaza.  The Alameda to Oakland ferry is not coordinated with the arrival of the Larkspur ferry, so we were obliged to take the BART to Fruitvale.  I was home at 1545.


    I hope more members will join me next time.  Tom has proven he can do it, though he had not done much distance work, and so can you!

    -- Ralph

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