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29 December 2018 – 3/A/63 – RECCE - San Francisco-Nicasio Reservoir-Larkspur

  • 30 Dec 2018 4:34 PM
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    29 December 2018

    3/A/63 – RECCE - BART Fruitvale to Embarcadero BART, via Golden Gate Bridge to Fairfax and bypass Point Reyes Station, return with 1340 Larkspur Ferry to Ferry Plaza and BART Embarcadero to Fruitvale BART [the 7-mile OAB to Point Reyes Station was dispensed with]


    A gorgeous ride, as is well known, but with the benefit of not tackling the same route back to the Embarcadero BART station and no need to pack the bike in the car.  This was labeled a recce and I did lose my way twice, but always regained my route in short order.  The next time I post this ride, it will no longer be a reconnoiter.


    This was a solo ride, no doubt because it was a cold 0700 early morning start.  This ride was dependent upon reaching the Larkspur ferry in time for a 1340 departure, so an early start was advisable.  Any tardiness means you ride back to the Embarcadero, since weekend ferry service is anemic or completely missing, depending on which port you select.

    Nobody was cooling their heels at Kaiser, so I proceeded quickly to the Fruitvale BART station and boarded the 0709, thus saving me an additional 20 minutes.  Consequently, I started my ride in San Francisco at 0730, when the day was already light enough I did not need to concern myself about being very visible.  At first it was a little nippy, dipping to just above freezing in the vicinity of Mill Valley.  By that time, I was sufficiently warmed up, that the prevailing temperatures did not bother me.

    By Mile 19 or the Larkspur area, I could not find the junction to Marin County Bicycle Route 20.  I rejoined it further North after a detour, which did not lose me much time.  It turned out to be a mostly sunny day, rather than the partly cloudy skies mentioned in the forecast.  Other cyclists were also heading to the Nicasio Reservoir.  As usual, they would pass me uphill, after which I passed them on the downhill and flats.  So, though not a great climber, I still achieved an average of 14.3 mph over fairly level terrain with only 2,500 feet elevation gain overall.

    At the Northernmost part of the route, I bypassed Point Reyes Station.  I would have made a lunch stop there on a group ride, but riding does not make me hungry until afterwards.  It was a gorgeous ride, and with ear covers on, I never felt cold.  I did not push the pace, just kept it steady and fairly non-stop.  I reached the Larkspur ferry landing with an hour to spare, however the ferry itself was a half hour late.  For this reason, I returned home only by 1530.


    Worth repeating, in a group, in warmer temps and with a lunch stop at the Bovine Bakery.

    -- Ralph

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