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No Rider left behind 6/10/18 Point Richmond

  • 10 Jun 2018 3:20 PM
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    No rider left behind even if they never were behind the group. - My bad, oops.

    What a super wonderful day for a ride to Point Richmond.  So we had a little headwind going out.  But when it is a headwind on the out there's that tailwind to look forward to on the return, right?  Not when you go to Point Richmond.  Amazing how that happens.  We had a good crew of riders on the C pace ride but for some reason the B pace kept catching up.  Those guys are getting faster every week.  

    Tom's front tire blow out on a stop in Oakland.  Hey, lucky for Tom (with no spare!)  I came with 2 spares since I wanted to be a prepared ride leader. (I never made it to the girl scouts but I was a 'brownie' as a little girl and they did teach the scouting motto of ...'always be prepared..' :-).  This time I was.

    I do need to point out I follow with road signs when it shows DETOUR even when the detour does not apply on Sundays.  Oops again.  (note: it did apply yesterday, Saturday.  I guess it was still fresh in my mind)

    Mitch caught up with us somewhere near West Oakland BART. Steve turned back at the top of the Golden Gate Field hill.  Up one down one / still even.  Ken turned back shortly after we passed Point Isabel.  So I was the only single speed/fixie in the group. Down by one.  I need to do the rider count since I was ride lead and do not want to lose anyone.  Remember - no rider left behind.  Hey,  I'm feel'in kind of lonely guys.  You got to admit it was nice to dust off the SS and get out for long spin session. When am I going to start up those Wednesday night rides?  Maybe this Wednesday?  Depends on work. :( ugh!

    At our last water stop before landing at Little Louie's, no one had the drive to do any of the mini climbs. So we headed straight to the caffeine pit.  Works for me since I forgot my water bottle this morning as it was chilling in my freezer.  We had a reasonable coffee/water break with all pace riders.  Now back to Alameda we go.  Maneuvering through the Richmond shoreline path is a bit tricky with everybody out on such a beautiful bay area Sunday.  So for some reason I thought I saw Brain miss the turn when we take the 1st short cut on the return.  So Mitch and I waited at a bridge until he caught up.  Hmm no Brian or was it Mike that I saw miss the turn.  Heck what kind of ride lead am I when I lose my riders and now confuse who is who.  How embarrassing.  So eventually past Point Isabel I stop and try to call. Hard to do when you're not sure who you are calling and you can't read the numbers on the ride sheet. And you can't see the display on your phone with all that glare.  Shel offered to ride back as a search party.  I thought it best to ride on toward Alameda.  When I get home I would call and check in on my rider I thought I left behind.  When we got to be base of the Golden Gate hill my phone rang.  Heck I can't ride and grab my phone on a fixie on a bumpy road.  I'm doomed.   So I stop short, pull out my phone and there goes my ride sheet.  Luckily not a gust but a light breeze had it drift a few feet away.  It was Julie checking in.  They were waiting at the top of the Golden Gate fields.  That's why we ride in a club.  We look out for each other.  Once I saw the group and I see both Mike and Brian, all is good now.  YES!  So no rider left behind!  Thank goodness.  Nice ride all.  Thanks for everyone's participation and support.  

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  • 11 Jun 2018 1:30 PM
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    Since we were so scattered, I called out the stop at Golden Gate Fields.

    Keeping the Ride Leader stressed is not a good thing.

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