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Sat 2/26/11 Pt Richmond Ride

  • 26 Feb 2011 2:57 PM
    Message # 533688
    Our small handful of souls who were willing to brave the cold this morning grew slowly. We ended up with 2 groups: one headed for Tunnel/hills ride. The rest of us decided flat to Pt Richmond had a better shot of some sunshine and no ice. The indefatigable Bill O, Rick M and Corey joined me on the Bay Trail. We rode along the Embarcadero with the hills group until they split off. With Louie's as our destination, we kept up a pretty good pace (all we could think of was how good the coffee cups would feel as we cupped our hands around them!). Absolutely stunning views of all 3 bridges: blue skies, very cold, lots of birders and Team in Training folks out as well. Took the hill around the backside into Pt Richmond for some more great panoramas...then finally huddled in the sun, sheltered from most of the wind on Louie's back patio. Hot beverages for all, then back on the bikes and into the headwinds. The guys were fast and strong. I was the caboose and was glad I had my oatmeal today! For what was supposed to be a crummy day, we had a really sweet ride. I think it was just about 42 round trip without home mileage. Thanks for the great company!

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