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Mon Prez Day Ride

  • 21 Feb 2011 1:02 PM
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    Left the steps at 9am with 9 riders chomping at the bit (not sure if it was the chill or their excitement!). Bill, Tom, Ken, Stu, Melne, Stacie, Ron A, and John N were game to join me today. Headed towards the big white cranes in the sky (not the kind that fly...the kind that load and unload barges). Ron and Ken took the lead, cruising along at 20mph, while yours truly brought up the back of the pack, nursing an unhappy knee, but still glad to be out. Stopped at the pier to enjoy the terrific views. Mel and Stac ventured out onto the dilapidated wooden structure to take some photos, and made it back to land without incident. Then Ron volunteered to add a few miles on for us by taking us out a bit, ending up on 7th and heading into Oakland where we tooled along Lake Merrit and headed home on 3rd and the Embarcadero. Nice, brisk pace and great company. 20 miles plus a few to and from home...better than having to be at work, for sure! Thanks to all for joining us this morning
  • 21 Feb 2011 1:21 PM
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    Deleted user
    Thanks Lisa, yes, it was BRISK this morning, but as usual, I was glad to have gone out rather than my initial thought of staying in huddled over the heater with coffee. It's *always* better to ride. :-) By the time we got to the port, we'd all warmed up sufficiently, and the rest of the ride was very nice. Afterward, John N and I went to sNob Hill Peets, and the skies cleared and we enjoyed a nice sunny post-ride coffee and fixing a flat, which somehow John managed to acquire just as he rolled into Peets. Great ride, thanks to Lisa for leading and getting us up and out on our bikes!

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