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WCC, My friend called it a slopey ride,

  • 09 May 2016 7:39 PM
    Message # 4010771
    Deleted user

    Certainly an intoxicating 60 miles (metric century) moseying along watching grapes get soaked along with just about everything in this water starved Provence. Try purchasing rain gear in California, it's like buying a snow shovel in Florida where they sell cars without heaters. I actually saw some fenders on bikes which means they were visiting from Portland where all rain gear is made. I was amused by all the jocularity of my team mates pretending an indifference to the weather, like uncontrollable shivering that chips teeth is an everyday experience. Eating the turkey and potato salad with this five hour build up of grit in my mouth was an entirely new epicurean experience I wish to repeat. If Ed didn't have electric seat dryers in his (once clean) little Acura I'm sure hypothermia was inevitable. First thing I did when I got back in the house was get on ye old PC and sign up for next year.

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