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10/20 Claremont to Butters

  • 20 Oct 2015 4:58 PM
    Message # 3592310

    Today eleven of us mid-week riders took a combo ride.  A ride that combined two or more rides into one.  Our goal was to climb Claremont Ave. and then ride over to Butters and descend to Monterey, 35th and home.  What made today's ride a bit different was that we got to the Claremont climb by going over to Emeryville and the Aquatic Park before heading into the hills on Virginia.  Actually, I think all would agree that the top part of Virginia, maybe 200 yards is a respectable climb and shouldn't be ignored.

    Back to Claremont Ave. it started out to be a nice climb, cool and shady, but towards the top we broke into the sun and it got warm, very warm.  By the time we got to Sibley, ride plans changed for everyone except Brian, Ralph and me.  The rest of our group cut the ride a bit short and returned to the Island and a round of coffee at Peets via Shepherds Canyon.

    All-in-all a good ride route.  A good way to get through the flats to the hills.  Next time we will consider a regroup at the top of Claremont rather than trudging on to Sibley for our break.

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