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Wet Pig!

  • 31 Aug 2015 11:37 AM
    Message # 3503740

    Well I guess we should have known it was going to be that kind of day when we showed up at the Kaiser building greeted by a light but steady drizzle. I was joined by Mike, Ralph, Greg and Jerome as we optimistically headed out thinking this drizzle surly won't last. We made it over the Park Street Bridge before our first mechanical which was my handlebars dropping down when I hit that nasty bump we all ride over each time. Small problem but a problem none the less. We made it all the way to Embarcadero in front of the hotels where we (okay me) had our next mechanical which was a flat tire. We decided to change our route and not go up Tunnel to Wildcat via Grizzly so we could avoid the wet weather up there. Instead we rode around Lake Merritt taking 27th almost to Broadway where we had another flat. I'm proud to report that it wasn't me this time :) The wet roads seemed to make everything stick to our tires. As we waited for the flat repair we watched an apparent time trial event going down Broadway which was a relief seeing that all of the police cars out there were because of an athletic event. 

    We continued our way out to Berkeley avoiding the hills but not the drizzle which seemed to have no end in sight. We climbed up Spruce and took Wildcat carefully down to San Pablo Dam Rd and the start of the 3 Bears. I feel behind here as my handlebars dropped again (that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it) the climbs were fine but descending was and issue as the drizzle became a stinging sensation to the face. You had to decide do I slow down to stop the stinging and have no momentum at the start of the next climb or let it sting. I'm sure we all decided the sting was worth it at this point. After a quick regroup at Alhambra we headed up and over Pig Farm Hill which is closing on Monday for four weeks which I would assume means six or more weeks. They had piles of dirt on the left side of the road which I have no clue what they are doing with that but thankfully the road was clear for us. So up and over we went on our way to Realiez heading over to Pleasant Hill Rd. While making the climb and now nearly four hours of riding in a steady drizzle where my shoes were now making a sloshing sound I decided to end the "official" Team Alameda ride and bail out at Bart. 

    Ralph and Mike agreed to join me while Jerome and Greg elected to continue on to Saint Mary's Rd to Moraga and climb Pinehurst. I googled and found the closest Bart station in Lafayette on Deer Hill Rd which I referred to incorrectly as Deer Creek Rd. Damn that was short but that was a hill! A quick ride on 12th street Bart station and then stopping at every single stop light in downtown Oakland we finally made it back to Alameda. Very wet but safe to ride another day.      

    Thanks for the company riding on this typical summer day of a drought year :) Not! 

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