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Monday August 17th. Decide and Ride

  • 17 Aug 2015 10:43 PM
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    Deleted user

    I thought we'd be three today, but Rubin, Marathon Man, Ramirez showed up on his fancy white 29er to round us out for our lucky number four once again.

    Rubin joined myself, Fred, and Jack, for a short one, as both Jack and I had afternoon commitments. This is something I try to avoid on ride days, but there is no rest for the wicked. (I speak for myself. I doubt that Jack, the Unstoppable, ever tries to get any rest.) The construction crew at the new condos were completely oblivious to our approach from the Park Street bridge. I bunny hoped the big hoses they had strewn across the path hoping they'd get the message, but of course my efforts were in vain. The rest of the group slowed down and stopped so Yoda could ask them for safe passage, self reportedly with some sarcasm in his voice. His attempt at schooling the crew was no more successful than my foolish stunt. Maybe Fred should have used some Yoda speak. Perhaps that would have caught their attention.  Such is life in the Big City on a busy Monday morning. 

    I find that the back roads have much less traffic on our Monday morning sojourns, but all the folks that don't follow MacGyver's advice to leave 5 minutes early, are out in force on the busier streets across the flats. It's so sad to see so many folks stressed out and inconsiderate to others on the road. But, as I learned when riding motorcycles, if you assume that you are invisible, the selfish acts they perform on the road are no big deal.

    Enough with the Negative Vibes Man! ;-) Actually, due the excellent company, and the stellar weather, we had a great time today. Rubin split off at Broadway to stay on the flats, as he did not want to wear out his motors since they will be sorely needed this coming weekend during his 26 mile stroll. Some call it a marathon. I call life a marathon. 

    Jack headed towards Berkeley to wipe off any excess sweat he was hanging onto, then change clothes and accompany his wife to the near North. Sacramento, if my feeble memory has not failed me once again.

    And then there were two… Fred and I continued up Tunnel to Sibley where we had a pleasant conversation with a fellow riding a very cherry, Ti-Road, Ibis Titanium frame that he procured from one of the former employees of that now closed company. If I ever get a chance to pick up a brand new Ti frame for $600, I believe I will say Yes in a New York Second. I would not be surprised if this fellow shows up for a TA ride someday.

    We then jammed down Snake. Much fun was had, and no mishaps are to be reported. Someday I'de like to bring some yellow paint with me and mark the bad spots on Snake as some considerate soul has done on Tunnel. You might start seeing some yellow paint on some of Alameda's streets someday as well.

    Slow, sweaty, and short. That's the way we rolled today.

    20 Miles, 1:47 riding time, 11.3 MPH average speed, 2025' Elevation gain, Underway at 0906, returned just before Noon. It's amazing how much better life feels once you spin the legs a little.

    Be well,


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