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Monday 10 August Decide and Ride

  • 10 Aug 2015 5:03 PM
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    Deleted user

    Well I've not had time to post my reports lately, in fact I don't have time today either, but what the heck. 

    Four seems to be the lucky number for our Monday Rides. Today I was joined by Jack "The Unstoppable" Scullion, Ashish "The Unshakable" Parikh, and Alissa "Teach" Hoeft. I had a hankering for something a little more adventurous this week, and was able to talk the gang into riding Pinehurst anti-clockwise, which according to RideWithGPS (RwGPS) was forecast to be 2,750 feet in 27 miles. The classic 100 feet per mile category made famous by our very own Flash Gordon. 

    I had the old boring approach mapped out, but Ashish volunteered to lead us through Ron Arth's "Oakland Wiggle" bypassing most of 14th. Avenue. I should now be able to map this out on RwGPS for future rides. Ashish was King of the Hill today, but fine efforts were displayed by everyone, as each had a chance to lead out the others whenever they wanted to show the rest of us what was what with this climbing thing we like to do. On our way up Park Boulevard we passed a friendly fellow riding a full touring rig. He and I exchanged quick pleasantries, he explaining that he also was out for a fun-ride up Butters as well. He passed us at the triangle while the group was deep in a technical discussion of gears, brakes, electric shifting systems, and the beauty that is cycling the East Bay Hills. 

    Alissa and I braved the treacherous path, ;-), to Burdeck, while Ashish and Jack took the measured approach up Joaquin Miller. As I passed the aforementioned rider with the touring setup, including 4 panniers, I asked if he knew the Pink Lady. He responded that he did indeed know her; as he is married to the very same famous woman that travels the East Bay Hills with 4 panniers loaded with bricks. When I asked if I could call him "Husband of the Pink Lady" he responded with... Mr. Pink! Well done me thinks. Extra points if you get the cross reference for Mr. Pink. Everyone cooperated with my frequent regroups, thus it was easy to keep track of our foursome. 

    You could not have asked for better weather as we road along, being reminded of the Sierra Foothills and the Coast Redwoods both on Pinehurst and through the Micro Hamlet that is Canyon CA. The other notable benefit of our Monday morning ride was the notable lack of traffic. We had the roads to ourselves for much of the day. Jack was not to be taken in by my musings about our faux mountain roads, but I insisted that it was a great day to be a dreamer.

    We parted ways at the usual spot at Tilden/Blanding at 12:30. All were agreed that it was a great day for a bicycle ride.

    29 miles, 2,875 feet of elevation gain, 2:28 riding time, 3:15 total time; As recorded by RwGPS.

    Thanks for a Great Morning Ride.


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