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Monday July 20th. Decide and Ride.

  • 21 Jul 2015 2:15 AM
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    Deleted user

    Today there were three lucky Monday morning riders. Alissa, Shel, and myself. We departed at 9:15 for a simple up Butters and down Shepherd, as Shel had a Chiropractic appointment at 11:40. Apparently he wants to be all tuned up in time for the Great Oregon Ride that several of you will riding with him. Nothing much to report from Alameda up to the Mormon Temple. However I chose to take the little path from Joaquin Miller Road to Burdeck Drive and so Alissa decided to give it a try. She followed my line and handled the steep transition with aplomb. (Just one dab.) We chose to forgo the wall in favor of the shallower but longer and prettier option up Robinson Drive. After a quick water stop at the Ranger Station it was off to Shepherd Canyon. Shel headed down Shepherd, and according to his post-ride text, made it to his appointment with 5 minutes to spare. Damm fine timing if you ask me. Alissa opted to see what the Steam Trains were about, so off we went, to pay the rent, payable in sweat! It was warm but we mostly had some nice light breeze to keep us from overheating. After filling our water cars at the Train Station we headed back, following Shel's still-hot trail down Shepherd Canyon. Since I was LATE AGAIN to the start of MY ride, I was operating on an empty tank. I was able to talk Alissa into joining me for grinders at the sandwich shop across from Montclair Peets. 

    I remembered from years ago that the proprietor practices the New York style, of somewhat impatient customer service. So we studied the flow-chart menu outside the shop to hopefully order correctly so as not to be pummeled in public. However our efforts were wasted as he stopped us just as we started, and took our orders in his entertaining, call and response manner. All in good fun. Someday I'de like to go to that deli back East where they yell at, and insult the customers. From what I've seen, they are very popular shop for some odd reason.

    We then headed home by the usual suspects and arrived safe and sound at 2 PM. just in time for Alissa's next ride. If she keeps up this pace I think she will wear out her Surly, and be ready for a New Gunnar. ;-)

    31 Miles, 2:54 riding time, 11 mph average.

    Don't miss out on the next Decide and Ride, if you can fit it into your schedule.


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