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30 June 2018 – 3/C/64 – BART Dublin/Pleasanton, behind Morgan Territory to Pittsburg/Bay Point BART (100 km not 100 miles)

  • 01 Jul 2018 9:28 AM
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    30 June 2018

    3/C/64 – BART Dublin/Pleasanton, behind Morgan Territory to Pittsburg/Bay Point BART

    [the OAB was conveniently dispensed with, since it was too hot to tackle Kirker Pass]


    The heat was the only unknown factor, insofar how hot it would truly become.  The answer is 108 degrees Fahrenheit.  By that time, I was riding solo, but I thought it prudent to pull the plug after riding a metric century and not a full century, as I originally had in mind.


    We had two members show up:

    Tom Bajerski


    Since nobody alerted me they were coming, I was already on the road, when Tom pulled up next to me at a red light.  A closed rail crossing prevented us from catching the earlier train out of the Fruitvale BART, but both of us had to purchase tickets anyway.

    We started the ride from the Dublin/Pleasanton BART in the mid 70’s, but prevailing temperatures quickly climbed, so that by the time we reached the town of Clayton (Mile 27), it was already 100 degrees.  Tom had started to lag and only brought one water bottle with him, so I suggested he return via the Concord BART seven miles away.  He followed my advice and reported later that he had made it home safely.

    Under the belief, that a warm ride would help prepare me for my pending business trip to Dubai, U.A.E., I continued my venture.  Though I could collect a bushel of PRs on Marsh Creek Road, the heat started to pose a challenge.  My progress was slowed by an oven-like wind and by the time I reached the Pittsburg-Antioch area, the thermometer had soared to 108 degrees.

    I rode my bike through the automatic doors of the CVS store at Mile 58.  The young lady behind the counter even brought to me my Coke in a can from the refrigerated shelves at the back of the store.  How much the caffeine and sugar helped, I don’t know, because a few miles later I was sitting on a bench in someone’s front yard, massaging my feet.  They had swelled and needed an adjustment of socks to be able to continue riding comfortably.

    After battling a head wind at reduced speeds, I reached the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station at 1445 (Mile 64).  I could have bailed earlier at the Antioch or Pittsburg Center stations (Miles 52 or 60), but my addled brain did not think of it.  I also blindly crossed the platform at MacArthur, only to end up transferring trains yet again in West Oakland.  At 1655 I was home to watch the World Cup.  I lost 5 pounds weight, mostly water of course, and drank like a horse.


    Yes, it does get much hotter in Antioch/Pittsburg, though it is on the water.  Otherwise, I feel fine with no ill effects.

    -- Ralph

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