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21 April 2018 – 3/C/80 – Alameda, Sunol, Livermore, Danville and Walnut Creek BART

  • 22 Apr 2018 12:33 PM
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    21 April 2018

    3/C/80 – 21 April 2018 – Alameda, Sunol, Livermore, Danville and Walnut Creek BART


    This time, David MacAfee and Tom Bajerski joined me on this route, which was scouted out on 17 January 2018.  I was not much under stress, as evidenced by my average 119 BPM heart rate.  Overall speed was 15 mph, the prevailing temperatures only achieved a high of 86 degrees in the afternoon and there was negligible wind.


    Starting at 0900 allowed more sleep, a vital ingredient for tackling longer distances, a slightly higher temperature at the start and a timely lunch stop in Sunol, where Dave ordered a take-out sandwich from the restaurant next to the convenience store called Bosco’s Bones & Brew

    The first few miles Tom alerted me about a misaligned cleat on his left shoe.  My multitool, the only one we had, fell apart as soon as I opened it, but we caught up with the other Team Alameda group at the San Leandro marina headed on a Redwood Road loop.  There I was able to borrow a tool to bring the cleat back into proper orientation and I also tightened all screws for both cleats to keep this issue from arising again.

    For the most part, my ducklings were fairly strung out behind me, so I would occasionally slow down for a reverse accordion effect.  By the time we reached Sunol, Tom announced he would bail out and asked me pretty directly where that might be.  Seven miles up the road, was the last and final bailout (Mile 40), from where Tom was able to find his own way to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.

    David hung with me and wrung out all the energy he could muster from his legs.  I had made certain he would eat a regular lunch, and gave him some top-up energy supplements on the train ride home, so he would not bonk when his body might realize how many calories had been expended.  Maintaining a fairly steady pace, everything after Mile 65 was pretty much on a downhill gradient, so we were able to catch the train departing at 1600, depositing me home at 1645.


    This ride took only one hour longer than my solo reconnaissance.  I have ordered a new multitool, which comes highly recommended, the Park Tool IB-3, for all those looking for a good-quality instrument with a reasonable price tag.

    -- Ralph

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