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Sunday in Paradise (2/27 Paradise Loop)

  • 27 Feb 2011 4:23 PM
    Message # 534188
    15 riders (Stu, new member Sarah, Rob the Mad Cow, Anthony, Melne, Ryan, Lisa, John N., Tom, Bill O., Dana, Bill S., Stacie, and a friend Tyler, and myself) met up at the Sports Basement parking lot in the Presidio, and we headed out over the GG bridge around 9 am.  Weather - cool, crisp, 40 something degrees, and not a cloud in site!  That's right, folks - no fog, no snow!  We encountered lots of cyclists out on the road, including a very large group training for the Aids Ride, most with good cycling manners!  After a short re-group at the end of the GG bridge, we headed into Sausalito for another short re-group at Mikes Bikes before heading along the bike path into Mill Valley.  Up and over Camino Alto, short regroup, then cruised through Corte Madera to Paradise Drive.  The views through the trees along Paradise Drive were spectacular!  You could see all the big bridges while traversing around the Tiburon peninsula today (did I mention no fog?!).  Coffee stop at the usual bakery in Tiburon (nice, because it wasn't THAT warm out).  Then a short tour through Belvedere, where we picked up the bike path along the bay, and headed back to Mill Valley.  From there we re-traced our steps back into Sausalito, for the Great Big Climb back up to the GG bridge.  No mechanicals, no major incidents!  A near-perfect ride!  (If anyone has stats, please post them - my computer was not cooperating).  The last rider (that would be me) returned to the Presidio at 1 pm.

    I do want to thank John N. for helping this directionally-challenged ride leader get back to the Sports Basement :-)  Apparently you can't get down from the bridge the same way you go up.  Now I know the secret bike path.

    Thanks to all who came out and rode today!

  • 27 Feb 2011 4:54 PM
    Reply # 534212 on 534188
    Thanks Rachel.  An easy ride to lead when we have no problems and a great group of riders!  You were right about the fabulous views from the back side of Tiburon.  It was hard to keep your eye on the road with such a picturesque sight on our left.  Kudos to those who climbed back to the bridge for the first time.
  • 27 Feb 2011 4:57 PM
    Reply # 534219 on 534188

    Oops, forgot to give stats:

    37.11 miles

    1,798 ft. (although a few of us had different results)

  • 27 Feb 2011 6:51 PM
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    Deleted user
    And... a few of us lucky ones got to see a FOX as it ran across the road! (cue The Sweet: "Fox on the Run").
    Gorgeous day, perfect riding weather excepting the chilly, strong headwind coming out of Sausalito on the return. It's hard enough getting up that hill without the invisible hand pushing you back down!

    My coworker Ryan joined us for this outing, and he had a great time, except that he acquired two knotted quads on the climb out of Saus. He said he barely had time to get off the bike before the double charley horse attack. Ouch! He did some roadside stretching and was back on the bike shortly.

    I did the ride in "Fixed Simulation" mode (well, to be more exact, rode the course on my geared bike but as a Single Speed). I initially intended to bring the fixed gear, but yesterday's foray up Hiller kinda tired my legs, so I opted for options.  However, I didn't need the options, never downshifted from the big-ring 70 gear inch setting. The last part of the ride, Rob joined me in Fixed Simulation mode, and got a taste of my pain. I think he liked it! :-)

    A great day on the bike!
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  • 27 Feb 2011 8:18 PM
    Reply # 534323 on 534188

       It was a beautiful day for a ride and as always fun. Thanks Rachel and Stacie for putting it together and leading the ride. Melne... I might have to look into a used fixie. Now what can I get rid of to make room? HA! I don't need a stove.

    Mad Kow

  • 28 Feb 2011 2:32 PM
    Reply # 534863 on 534188
    Deleted user

    Many thanks from a newbie!  It was my longest ride to date so many thanks to all for being so welcoming to new members (and new cyclists)!  Looking forward to next week. --Sarah


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