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Team Alameda Publicity Policy

In the interest of establishing a fair and uniform standard for the use of Team Alameda resources in connection with the promotion of various cycling events and other events in which TA members participate, the Board hereby adopts the following policy:

A. For events sponsored by Team Alameda, notices may be posted in all TA media (the homepage, forums, calendar and newsletter). In addition, the Board may allocate funding to support such events, as it deems appropriate.

B. For events for which a "TA Team" is organized to either participate in and/or support, notices may be posted in all TA media. Posting to the Team Alameda "Everything Else" Forum for individual fundraising by Team Alameda members for cycling related fundraising/charity events shall be permitted using TA media, however, the Board shall not allocate funding for such events.

C. For all other events, notices may be posted on the Ride Calendar and in the "Other Rides" Forum only.

D. TA members are encouraged to use the Forums and the Quarterly Newsletter to publicize their individual cycling adventures, travel and similar events.

Adopted: August 13, 2012
Richard P. Laverdure, President, Team Alameda

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