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Fairmont - Redwood Rd - Pinehurst

This ride starts at Kaiser in Alameda, and we usually make a first stop at the bathrooms at the San Leandro Marina parking lot.

From there we make our way towards the first hill up Fairmont. We then continue on and cut through Castro Valley via Walnut Rd and Proctor Rd, turning left onto Redwood Rd. Soon after turn left into the Golf Course where we do a water and restrooms stop.

Continuing up Redwood Rd is a looong hill which is not very steep, so take your time. After a nice decent down through wonderful redwood trees we'll turn right onto Pinehurst. Pinehurst will go all the way to Skyline - the last hill up to Skyline is pretty long and has a short steep section at the end (if you see 'Alexis Alexis Alexis' written on the street you're almost there!).

From there it's all downhill through Shepherd Canyon and back home to Alameda via the Park St Bridge.

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