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29 Oct 2019 11:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Message from the President

Hello Team Alameda,

We are presently short staffed and would like to find volunteers willing to take on some additional responsibilities, designed to make our club operate smoothly.  You may have benefited from the group rides, made new friends on and off the bike, and gained in road riding knowledge and ability.  You may even have become a Ride Leader.  Now comes the time to give back a little.

We have achieved many things recently:

  • More members, at last count 118, more rides posted to the ride calendar and often larger groups assembling in front of the Kaiser clinic
  • An errant group of C-pace riders were brought back into the fold and are now posting rides
  • A very successful Ride for the Parks event, with 18 members taking part in the team entry and 4 members as route volunteers
  • Lifetime Membership extended to Gene Oh of Alameda Bicycle, our largest and most important sponsor
  • Enhanced marketing efforts and new sponsors for the club, resulting in more inquiries from businesses and the general public

Since my last appeal in the summer Newsletter and elsewhere on our revamped website, we have been able to fill the Secretary and Membership positions on the Board.  The current makeup is as follows:

Board Position


Our Need



Bruni, Ralph

Vice President

Ride Leader Coordinator/Calendar

Elias, Steve

Eventually Steve will relinquish his duties as Ride Leader/Calendar Coordinator or Vice President


Pigott, Jack



Michael Castro




McNulty, Zoraida


Sponsors and Publicity

Shaver, Janet



Schniedergers, Klaus

Process Ride Sheets

Assistant Webmaster

Woo, Norman


Member at Large

Annual Picnic

deMatos, Isabella

This position entails special projects and general assistance to the Board and Isabella has resigned as Member at Large

Please consider your past experience and skills for any of these positions as officer on the Board.  Your ideas and suggestions will be welcome and may make a huge difference.  Every Board member, even the individual for the Newsletter, casts a vote on important issues and challenges. 

Our monthly Board meetings take place in a conducive environment, such as members’ homes, accompanied by food and drink, and are as much a social occasion and free exchange of ideas, as it is a functional assembly with procedural rules.  If you have not made up your mind as to which position might suit you, simply come by to the next meeting at:

 Date Tuesday, 21 January 2020 
 Time (PST) 1830 (6:30 P.M.) 


2960 Southwood Drive, Alameda

You will be welcome as a guest, as is the right of every club member.  If you receive the majority vote, you will be inducted into your new responsibilities, which are not onerous and will not take much of your time.  With dedicated email addresses, your privacy is assured and you will benefit from the ideas expressed by an equally motivated set of experienced riders, each with a unique and relevant skill set.  We are an inclusive and social group, the whole spirit of Team Alameda!

Thank you for your consideration,


Team Alameda President

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